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The extraordinary cuteness that is actual munchkin and great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Savannah Anne Kathleen Phillips.

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prince harry in italy!

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HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh attend a commemorative service at the Scottish National War Memorial on July 3, 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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"Isabelle’s mother here! Isabelle was actually happy as Larry all night! No tears at all. BUT Prince Harry is a legend!!! No one will ever realise what he has achieved through the Invictus games. He has changed lives for the better. Put smiles on the faces of people who never thought they would smile again. He is my hero. Not just for making my daughters day…or making my husband smile again, but for giving every service man and woman hope that they can live and achieve and excell after injury.
Thank you Harry, from the bottom of my heart!"
— Taryn Nixon commentating on the DM article. (x)
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Invictus Games on the Court Circular:

9th September:

  • Invictus Games Driving Challenge
  • Invictus Games Welcome Reception

10th September:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Business Leaders Reception (same for William and Charles)

(11th September: )

  • Invictus Games

12th September:

  • Invictus…
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Britain’s Prince Harry arrives to attend the wedding ceremony of Charlie Gilkes and Anneke von Trotha Taylor, at Carlo V Castle of Monopoli, on 19.09.2014.


Britain’s Prince Harry arrives to attend the wedding ceremony of Charlie Gilkes and Anneke von Trotha Taylor, at Carlo V Castle of Monopoli, on 19.09.2014.

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I entered this fandom by chance and I still don’t blog a lot about it. I just LOVE to lurk on these awesome blogs, I like to read stories and theories and opinions about royals so I found myself visiting more and more royal blogs lately. I met amazing new friends, people that loved history as much as I did and even a bit of historical and royal gossip. I LOVE ROYAL GOSSIP, OK? DON’T JUDGE ME, PEOPLE.  So, I promised on my other blog I was going to make a list of all my favorite royal blogs and here it is! Follow them all, you will not regret it!


katemiddletons was the very first blog I followed in the royal fandom. It feels like an eternity passed by! I followed Bella at the end of 2011 I think, or the beginning of 2012…to be honest I don’t remember, but she is a sweetheart and you should all follow her. Her blog is just a little bit about herself and the rest is all dedicated to Kate and the Windsor family. I followed only her and these other two blogs for soooo long, I was like “NOPE, I DON’T NEED TO FOLLOW ANYONE ELSE” but this fandom is so good I ended up following everyone and their mother.

teatimeatwinterpalace I’ve been following this blog since forever. It’s not only about the Romanovs, you can find Old Hollywood black and white pictures and very old pics of other royal families. INSTANT FOLLOW, GUYS! COME ON!

historyofromanovs eeeeeeeeh, Rebecca, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Her blog is FANTASTIC and you can see from her theme and the way the blog is organized that she deeply cares about it. If you love the Romanovs, THIS is the blog to follow.


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Another pic of Harry in Puglia,Italy.


Another pic of Harry in Puglia,Italy.

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